One weekend, one toplocation, two top events, “Taptoe Brussels” and ” Concertband Festival Brussels”.

Sinds 2001 the Royal Music Federation of Brussels Capital-Region cwp organises “Taptoe Brussels“, an international tattoo at the Grand Place of Brussels.

As a part of “Taptoe Brussels”,  concerts are held at the Grand Place of Brussels by various concertbands: “Concertband Festival Brussels”

For these concerts we make use of two stages. So that the performances of the various concert bands can be followed without a break.

Every hour there is a performance of another band!


SATURDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2020                                             CANCELLED

14.00-18.00 h        Concertband Festival Brussels

20.00 h                   TAPTOE BRUSSELS


SUNDAY  13 SEPTEMBER 2020                                                 CANCELLED

12.00-22.00 h      Concertband Festival Brussels


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